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As of June 2023, UCD has gathered a team of 5,086 elite talents, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, three national engineering survey and design masters, and five experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, and hundreds of professor-level senior engineers. We provide comprehensive solutions throughout the entire process of urban construction, including design consultancy, engineering construction, investment and financing, and technological industrialization.

We are the creator and owner of the most powerful expert lineup in China’s urban rail transit industry. Our team covers the entire process and all professional design fields of urban rail transit engineering. We possess the top research institution in rail transit in China—the National Engineering Laboratory for Green & Safe Construction Technology in Urban Rail Transit. We also have the first academician expert studio in urban rail transit, with several academicians joining us. Our teams in urban rail transit, architecture, municipal engineering, integrated design, urban planning, and engineering economics, as well as engineering construction teams in general contracting, surveying, PPP, TOD, and safety risk assessment and management, and professional teams in investment, financing and technological industrialization, enjoy a high reputation and wide recognition in the industry.

As a multi-disciplinary, integrated team for urban construction, we integrate management and technical advantages, combine international perspectives with localized resources, and provide clients with comprehensive and sustainable solutions, ensuring their long-term benefits.

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Design the City, Build the Future. We are striving for realizing our dream of building a beautiful city. We desire for brilliant professional talents to join us for dealing with the difficult issues occurring in the process of city construction. If you entertain a dream, you would yearn for a platform to realize self-fulfillment. Then, come and join us, we will help you to achieve your career dream. So, what are you waiting for?