Pioneer in Formulation of Key Standards and Codes in China’s Urban Rail Transit Industry

    The “Code for Design of Metro” edited by UCD is China’s first design code for urban rail transit, laying the foundation for the development of urban rail transit standard system in the country. This standard played a crucial role in subsequently establishing various standard systems for rail transit. It serves as the technical basis for domestic metro engineering construction, guiding the planning and design of 43 cities with a total of 13,058.24 kilometers of metro (including 8,008.17 km in operation and 5,050.07 km under construction).

    UCD has successfully compiled 23 national and industry standards. Among these standards, many are pivotal in the field of urban rail transit, including the “Standard for the Construction of Urban Rail Transit Engineering Projects” and the “Standard for Design of Light Rail”, along with its English version (the first English national standard in the field of urban rail transit). Currently, we are leading the compilation of national standards such as the English and Chinese versions of the “Technical Standard for Collaboration & Construction of Urban Utility Tunnel and Rail Transit Tunnel” and the “General Technical Requirements for the Configuration of Elderly-Oriented Basic Equipment and Facilities for the Urban Rail Transit”.

    As of the end of June 2023, we have completed the compilation of 242 standards.


    Pioneer in the Adoption of New Technologies in China’s Urban Rail Transit Industry

    We consider technological innovation as our core competitive advantage and have developed a range of proprietary technologies in the fields of urban rail transit and traffic-related project design. Now, we boast over 700 effective patents and over 400 registered computer software copyrights.

    Our proprietary technologies extend across various domains, including smart rail transit, green construction technology, prefabricated rail transit technology, rail equipment and structures, energy-saving and emission reduction in rail transit construction, and comprehensive urban design services. Meanwhile, many of our innovative technologies reach international leading standards.

    In the realm of smart rail transit, our applications involve traffic planning big data platform, intelligent operation and maintenance platform based on big data and BIM technology, smart firefighting technology, comprehensive spatial-temporal interactive operation management platform for rail transit, and integrated intelligent control center, all of which have been widely implemented.