Procedures for Shareholders to Nominate Directorship Candidates


1.Directors shall be elected at the shareholders’ general meetings for a term of office of 3 years. Upon expiry of the term of directorship, the directors are eligible for re-election. A list of directorship candidates shall be proposed at the general meeting by way of resolution for consideration.


2.The shareholder(s) holding more than 3% of voting right of the shares of the Company may propose new resolutions (including election of directors) in writing 10 days ahead of the shareholders’ general meeting. The convener of the shareholders’ general meeting shall issue a supplementary notice of the shareholders’ general meeting to other shareholders within 2 days after receiving the proposal, and add the issues in the proposal, which are within the terms of reference of the shareholders’ general meeting, to the agenda of the shareholders’ general meeting.


3.Shareholders may also call for extraordinary general meetings, where shareholders who hold, alone or in aggregate, 10% or more of the shares with voting rights issued by the Company may request in writing to convene an extraordinary general meeting and state topics of the extraordinary general meetings (including election of directors); the board of directors shall convene an extraordinary general meeting within two months upon receiving aforesaid written requests.


4.The intention to nominate a candidate as a director and the written notice of such candidate regarding his willingness to accept the nomination shall be delivered to the Company on or after the date of issuing the notice of the relevant shareholders’ general meeting but not later than seven days prior to the date of convening such shareholders’ general meeting. The timeframe that the Company allows nominators and nominees to submit the aforementioned notice and documents shall be no less than seven days and counted from the day immediately after the notice of the shareholders’ general meeting is published.


5.In the notice of the shareholders’ general meetings, the Company will comprehensively disclose the resumes of the directorship candidates, reasons for election and views of candidates on nomination.