Innovation Investment


Our innovation investment is focused on newly established rail transit hi-tech organizations rooted in China and oriented towards the global market.

 China is the biggest and fastest-growing rail transit market in the world as well as a huge and highly unified hi-tech market. With the emergence of more disruptive technology innovations, we believe that in coming ten years a number of world-leading hi-tech companies will come to the fore in China. The UCD Design Innovation Investment has been just established in support of the startup and development of such enterprises.

The investment projects we seek should have such competitive edges as mammoth market opportunities, excellent teams, core independent intellectual property rights and technologies, explicit market positioning, and innovative business models, etc. We are willing to assume risks jointly with the entrepreneurs to give full support to innovation-oriented enterprises in their early days to achieve great successes in China and even the world over.

 With both technology and capital backgrounds, members of our team all have rich experience in the management of rail transit hi-tech companies and are able to provide useful help for startup projects. We are well-connected and have abundant resources in rail transit markets at home and abroad, thereby being in a position to offer strong support to our invested enterprises. We invest in new technologies, new materials, new craftsmanship, internet and wireless communication technology and related application, green energy and other emerging areas of high growth.

Based on the rail transit industry and by combining external mergers and acquisition with the incubation of internal business startup, we bend ourselves to scientific and technological innovation to forge technologically industrialized business units combining independent R&D, manufacturing and system integration into one.

We are actively engaged in various forms of innovation cooperation. From September to December 2017, we sponsored the first urban rail transit science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China jointly with Beijing Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University and Southwest Jiaotong University, etc. The competition rounded up and screened out the most cutting-edge and valuable technologies, products and trained personnel, and set up an industrialized platform that commercializes scientific and technological achievements and serves innovation and business startup integrating governmental, school and research support with the production. We shall conduct the competition on a yearly basis and gradually form innovation and business startup clusters of urban rail transit industry across the nation.



Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements     



Our tenet for scientific and technological industrialization:To improve independent scientific and technological innovation capabilities as well as abilities in the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements;to push forward technological advancement of scientific and technological industries and to enhance the core competitiveness of scientific and technological industries;to strive to facilitate the formation of a new prospect for scientific and technological industrialization that is guided by the market, equipped with adequate funds and ensured by talent participation.

We actively carry out national laws, regulations and policies toward independent innovation and development of scientific and technological industries, and we give advice and make suggestions for policies and measures in favor of the development of rail transit technology industries;

We widely contact, organize and coordinate scientific research institutions inside or beyond UCD and the rail transit industry to accelerate the university-industry cooperation and the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements;

We make full use of such social resources as technology, industry, talents and market, etc., and set up technology innovation platforms, brand cultivation platforms and talent cultivation platforms in enterprises;

We advance the integration of industry and finance, guide and stimulate financial institutions to participate in scientific and technological industrialization, and promote the establishment of diversified and multi-level investment and financing systems for scientific and technological industries;

We conduct international exchange and cooperation progressively in scientific and technological industrialization, learn from experiences scored internationally in scientific and technological advance and in the growth of scientific and technological industries, and promote localization of international scientific and technological achievements and products.



Value Cooperation 


We actively conduct value cooperation with enterprises of the same industry and with cross-industry enterprises serving as integral parts on the same industry chain to share customers, markets and information, to facilitate the complement of each other’s advantages, to expand space for development, to enhance industrial competitiveness and to bring about extraordinary development.

We build the R&D Alliance with concerted efforts to address industrial generic technology issues;We promote technology convergence and accomplish innovation with joint efforts;Competition globalization requires enterprises to constantly shorten the technology R&D cycle and to gain access to market advantages through fastest development of products.

 We build the Industry Alliance with concerted efforts for industry chain cooperation to promote the fastest formation of competitive industry chains for innovative products. The market competitiveness of the innovative products relies on the competitive power of the whole industry chain, namely, innovative products call for upstream and downstream products supporting each other and being competitive in the market.

We build the Market Cooperation Alliance with concerted efforts to jointly open up the end-user market for innovative products;We reduce the costs of innovative products through joint purchasing;We reduce the innovation cost by sharing infrastructure;We realize demand-side economies of scale through network interconnection.

 We build the Technology Standard Alliance with concerted efforts to formulate industrial technology standards, to realize the commercialization of innovative technologies, to facilitate the standardized and orderly development of the industry in terms of product output, system output and standard output.



Production R&D 


Through years of technological transformation, four major product series have come into being in the scientific and technological industrialization area, including the tramcar intelligent control system, track product series, integrated metro automation products and special products for utility tunnel. A wide variety of products and systems have been continuously developed based on UCD’s technology reserve and in line with the market demand, such as the turnout operation monitoring, maintenance and management system, the urban rail transit precast slab vibration-damping construction equipment, chain equipment for factories and mining areas, and the operating cost intelligent analysis and auxiliary decision-making system, etc.

The tramcar intelligent control system comprehensively and effectively applies advanced technologies to transportation, service control and scheduling command to cement the connection between vehicles, roads and users and to form an organic whole of “people-vehicle-station-road-section”, so as to set up a safe, economical and efficient tramcar intelligent control system that lives up to the requirement of low operating cost. UCD is the first enterprise winning “SIL4 Certificate for Tramcar Signal System” and has obtained the biggest market occupancy in the tramcar intelligent control system market.

Based on the cloud platform and the integrated rail transit automation system, the system capitalizes on such technologies as virtulization, distributed computing, big data collection and analysis, resource management and service management to break down the resources and segment them into the smallest logical units and thereby to form a pool of networks, computing and storage resources to provide the cloud services with measurable, relatively isolated, safe, rapid, expansible and continuous resource pool supplies. The integrated cloud system comprises communication, signal, comprehensive monitoring and automatic ticket sale and check in all metro weak current systems, and can exercise concentrated monitoring and management over major metro weak current systems and conduct associated monitoring over train operation and passenger flow statistics to eventually realize information sharing, coordination and interaction among interrelated systems. The integrated cloud system applies to various systems such as subway, monorail, air train, light rail and tramcar, etc., and can also be used for underground utility tunnel and other areas of professional application. 

For track prefabricated bed and integrated vibration damping system, the precast slab ballastless track has structural advantages of ballastless tracks in terms of strained condition, economical efficiency, application property, maintenance and durability, etc. Precast slab ballastless tracks all adopt unit slab track structure for roadbed, bridges and tunnels, which consists of rail, elastic fastener, track slab, self-compacting concrete layer and reinforced concrete support layer, etc.

With such functions as “operation and maintenance management”, “equipment monitoring” and “safety and disaster prevention” etc. and in line with the features of the utility tunnel, the utility tunnel monitoring platform is an integrated tunnel monitoring system developed by UCD’s technical team by use of years of experience in research and development of the intelligent monitoring system and in compliance with the Technical Code for Urban Utility Tunnel Engineering GB50838-2015. The platform brings together various kinds of engineering pipelines such as power, communication, fuel gas, heating and water supply and drainage, etc., and exercises unified planning, unified construction and unified management.




Tramcar Intelligent Control System



Integrated Rail Transit Automation System of the Cloud Platform






Track Prefabricated Bed and Integrated Vibration Damping System


Utility Tunnel Monitoring Platform