Focused on engineering, technology and properties, our investment is extending to the downstream sector of the design industry with the comprehensive service platform being set up for engineering projects.

In 2016, UCD set up its Infrastructure Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd. and its PPP Research Center to further strengthen its comprehensive strength in the investment and financing sector.







Engineering Investment

The company is the only national scientific and technological company specialized in urban rail transit design and general contract business. It takes up notable market shares in the field of urban rail transit business and has the richest design experience and strongest design strength. Taking the lead in the development of domestic urban rail transportation engineering technology, the company is capable of EPC involving in design planning, material purchasing and construction installation in rail transit field. Under the principle of standing on first- and second-tier cities and expanding international market, the company has made success in replicating its EPC mode led by rail transit. Its major customers are governments, investment companies and large-scale enterprises. Meanwhile, the stakeholders who have strong fund strength can bring abundant project resources, as well as business expansion and extension space to the newly listed company.




Scientific and Technological Investment

The company makes efforts to promote the industrial application of scientific and technological fruits, selects own nationally and globally advanced research results, and cooperates with the third party to realize its technological advantages and patent industrialization. As a result, it can provide systematic and overall solutions to rail transit. Meanwhile, it can make plans earlier to take up high-end market, extend its industrial chain, make full profits, thus improving the profit margin as a whole. 


Property Investment

Rail transit can accelerate the development of real estate market along the line and the re-organization of land value. The company will draw on from the mode of HK metro to strike a balance between land development and environmental capacity. At the same time, it will select comprehensive development and utilization model to develop land and motor roads along the line, so as to share the return from added land value and secondary development return. 





The purpose of UCD PPP Research Center is to take China’s PPP-oriented development policy and market demand as the guideline to integrate superior resources of the industry chains and conduct cooperation in innovation and exchange with concerted efforts from all sides based on win-win cooperation, with mutual complementation of superior resources as the condition and PPP data as the center, to forge cross-industry exchange and research platforms. 


UCD PPP Research Center mainly operates online and offline. Information is shared and discussed online through the information sharing and communication platform of UCD PPP Research Center set up based on the platform of“China Urban Rail Transit Network”and through media marketing, while project information is exchanged and discussed offline through PPP salon, PPP forum and PPP project pitch meeting. The establishment of UCD PPP Research Center has facilitated the exchange and cooperation between governments, enterprises and financial institutions, and has set up the PPP Think-Tank Platform for governments, professional consulting agencies, financial institutions and participating enterprises to make dynamic sharing and analysis of PPP project information and to conduct PPP project risk identification and prevention analysis from various angles, so as to effectively promote the development and implementation of PPP infrastructure projects.


Professional information is shared and discussed online through such network platforms as the WeChat Official Account of“UCD PPP Research Center”, while policy interpretation, PPP model exploration, exchange and discussion of project information are conducted offline in rich and varied forms such as PPP form, PPP salon and PPP project pitch meeting, etc.