Preliminary design for Phase I project of Beijing Subway Line 19 passes expert review


From March 18 to 21, Beijing Municipal Engineering Consulting Corporation organized the meeting for expert review of the preliminary design for Phase I project of Beijing Subway Line 19 under the authorization of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning. A total of 23 experts from Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu and Guangzhou attended the meeting. Jiang Chuanzhi, general director of the project, related deputy general directors and other responsible persons from the company attended the meeting. The expert panel listened to the specific report made by Jiang Chuanzhi and the opinions of related government departments and then exchanged opinions in five groups, namely the groups of Overall Project, Construction, Structure, Equipment and Economy, with the units in charge of the design, survey and other work related to the project.

As the first express subway line under the Beijing Subway system to run through the city at a designed speed of 120km/h, the Subway Line 19 project features high speed target and great difficulties in engineering. The Phase I project includes 13 sections passing under existing lines in the central urban area, with difficulties in engineering that are rarely seen in other similar domestic projects. The project team made in-depth argumentation and analysis of a variety of key technical issues covering the target speed of the whole line, technical criteria and measures for management of risk sources along the line, and finally made complete and detailed preliminary plan, marking a significant step of the company in the field of design for express subway lines. New technology and concepts were introduced for the design for the Subway Line 19. The first one is the BIM, which is used to promote the informatization and visualization of the whole line. The second one is integrated design, which aims to realize effective integration of the subway lines and the city functions. The third one is study on comprehensive pipe gallery based on subway construction for integration of municipal transportation infrastructure.

The preliminary design passed the review and was highly praised by the experts. This laid a solid foundation for the overall construction of the project.

Project profile: The Phase I project of the Subway Line19, a south-north line running through the central urban area, will be located at the western part of Beijing, with great transportation capacity. It will start from Xingong in the south and extend to Mudanyuan in the north, totally about 22.4km long. The whole line will be under ground. It is designed with 10 stations, including eight transfer stations, with an average interval of 2.3km. There will be one depot. Type-A vehicles will be used, eight in each one group, with the highest speed of 120km/h.